MAVO (Mobility Assistance Vehicle Operators)

There is currently a pressing need for Mobility Assistance Vehicle Operators! The MAVO ready to work program provides all of the necessary credentials to immediately begin an exciting carer in Medical Transportation!

What is MAVO?

The MAVO is a medical transportation professional who operates a wheelchair van to drive persons who (because of disabilities or medical conditions) require assistance in order to travel to and from medical appointments, dental visits, and hospital stays. The MAVO provides a safe and prompt trip for patients who cannot drive themselves to health care appointments. 

MAVOs are required to have special training from the state of New Jersey. This program will prepare candidates for full compliance with Department of Health and Medical requirements so they will have all the documents and certificates necessary to obtain employment with a NJ Medical Transportation company. 

MAVO candidates will be given resume preparation and interview practice. Our program is affiliated with the Medical Transportation Association of New Jersey (MTANJ) which is an organization that represents 70% of the licensed vehicles in our state. The MTANJ membership is ager to hire fully trained candidates!

Call us at 732-684-3808 for more information!

***This MAVO program is the only training program approved by the NJ Department of Health for the training of MAV Operators!