First Aid Courses

What is First Aid?

First Aid is the initial care given to someone that is injured or immediately takes ill. It is usually performed by non-expert, but trained personnel, to a sick or injured person until definitive medical treatment can be accessed. It generally consists of a series of simple and in some cases, potentially life-saving techniques that an individual can be trained to perform with minimal equipment. 

Basic First Aid Course- Through this course, we’ll teach you to recognize, manage, and treat individuals who are injured or taken ill. This is great for security guards, police officers, employees, or those wishing to have a basic knowledge of what to do in an emergency care. Class duration is about 3 hours. Certification is for 2 years through American Heart Association.

Pediatric First Aid- Designed for educators, nannies, babysitters, and those charged with the care of children, this course is similar to the basic first aid class. The only difference is that this program offers more training with asthma and dealing with children. The class also lasts for approximately 3 hours. Certification is for 2 years through American Heart Association.

We also offer: Bloodborne Pathogens Right to Know (HazCom) Wilderness First Aid and many other courses!

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